Your Anaheim, CA Area Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon

Your Anaheim, CA Area Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon | NewportBreast augmentation cosmetic surgery is a lot more than just increasing the size of the breasts. A good surgeon will aim at creating breasts that are proportionate to the rest of the body, and accentuate the overall aesthetic appeal. The surgeon will also like to ensure that the final outcome is healthy, sustainable and natural looking.

Patients should invest some time to choose the right surgeon in order to have the best chance to achieve desirable outcomes. Dr. Hisham Seify is a board certified plastic surgeon providing cutting edge breast augmentation procedures to patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, Irvine, Anaheim, Fullerton CA, and surrounding locations.


Surgery Planning with Dr. Seify

Dr. Seify will closely engage with the patient from the first consultation until the actual surgery and recovery process. He will take the patient through a detailed pre-operative consultation to address all their doubts and concerns in an accurate manner. He will inform the patient about all aspects related to breast augmentation plastic surgery, including its estimated costs, potential risks and complications, and help her make a well-considered choice.

Dr. Seify will present various options in breast implant qualities and sizes before the patient and explain the advantages and limitations of each option. Once the appropriate implant type is selected, he will guide them about choosing the right implant size to suit her personal aesthetic goals. From experience, Dr. Seify knows what size may be most effective for a particular patient considering her skin availability so that concerns such as implant rippling do not arise later.

Similarly, he will help the patient make the right decisions about the location of incisions and the placement of implants in the breast tissue. All these decisions will be made while maintaining a sensitive balance between the patient’s specific aesthetic goals and her unique breast anatomy and body shape.


Breast Augmentation Procedure

Once the customized surgical plan has been finalized after taking into account the patient’s health and cosmetic needs, Dr. Seify will provide detailed guidelines for preparation prior to the day of surgery. He will establish suitable and hopefully wonderful rapport with the patient, and encourage her to ask questions at every stage. Dr. Seify is a very kind and patient person. He is also a terrific listener. He will help her to form realistic expectations and stay positive about the surgery.

Dr. Seify will work with a fully trained and experienced anesthesiologist or anesthetist nurse to ensure total patient safety and comfort. He will apply advanced surgical techniques to perform a highly targeted and precise procedure to place the implants. His goal will be to achieve the best outcome in the least invasive and least painful manner.

Following the surgery, the patient will be guided to adhere to the detailed recovery instructions in order to have a safe and quick recovery. Dr. Seify and his friendly and experienced staff members will be accessible to the patient throughout the recovery phase and beyond.

Patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, Irvine, Anaheim, Fullerton CA, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive state of the art breast augmentation procedure from the highly accomplished and judicious cosmetic surgeon Dr. Seify.

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