Facelift Revision Plastic Surgery Risks & Safety

Facelift Revision While a facelift is a proven and effective surgical procedure, it involves specific risks similar to any cosmetic surgery. At the time of pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will discuss the potential risks with the patient to help them

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How much does laser skin resurfacing cost?

Laser skin resurfacing is an ideal skin tightening procedure for people who want to counter the effects of aging, sun damage and other facial skin imperfections without undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure. During the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will educate

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Facelift Revision Surgery Recovery

Facelift revision is a cosmetic surgery performed with a goal to correct any anomalies that may have occurred in the primary facelift procedure. Recovery in facelift revision may not be very different from the primary procedure, but may sometimes take

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Facelift Revision Surgery Before and After Photos

Facelift revision is often a more complex procedure than the primary facelift cosmetic surgery. While making a customized surgical plan, the surgeon will seek the patient’s inputs in order to address their specific concerns. Some surgeons may also present facelift

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How much does Facelift Revision Surgery cost?

Facelift revision cosmetic surgery procedure may be necessary if the patient is not satisfied with the results of the primary surgery, or is seeking a secondary facelift at a later stage for further aesthetic enhancement. During the initial consultation, the

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What is facelift revision surgery?

The surgeon’s objective in a facelift cosmetic surgery procedure is to reverse facial aging signs through tightening the muscles and tissues beneath the skin, eliminating deposits of surplus fat in the face, jaw, and neck, while mitigating lines, wrinkles, and

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How to Choose The Best Breast Reconstruction Plastic Surgeon

Breast reconstruction is major cosmetic surgery procedure, which should only be undertaken by a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon. Patients should properly review the surgeon’s qualifications and credentials and visit their practice for a pre-op consultation to learn more

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Questions to Ask Your Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Choosing to go ahead with a breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery procedure is a life-altering decision. The patient should make this choice after careful deliberation and after clarifying all her doubts and concerns from the breast surgeon. The patient will have

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Preparing For Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Preparing For Breast Reconstruction Surgery Breast reconstruction is a major cosmetic surgery that stretches over a fairly long period. Patients should be willing to spend time on learning about the procedure, prepare for it properly, and adhere to the surgeon’s

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Your Breast Reconstruction Surgery Consultation

Your Breast Reconstruction Surgery Consultation Undergoing a breast reconstruction cosmetic surgery after a mastectomy is a significant decision, and requires careful deliberation and planning. The pre-op consultation becomes a vital part of this decision-making process. During this consultation, the patient

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