The Exquisite Art of Body Contouring in Newport Beach

The Exquisite Art of Body Contouring in Newport Beach | Orange County

What is Body Contouring? Newport Beach | Orange County

Dr.Seify explains Body Contouring

Dr. Hisham Seify has mastered the art of creating shapely bodies through numerous body countouring procedures.

As we have discovered, even the most aggressive weight loss and exercise programs often cannot eliminate unsightly bulges from the body.

Dr. Seify utilizes a variety of advanced methods of Liposuction to artistically contour your body into an attractive figure, enhancing natural curves. Body contouring procedures are about looking and feeling your best, and we are committed to achieving your desired results.

Dr. Seify also performs variations of a Tummy Tuck procedure to tighten the abdominal wall and often combines this with Liposcultping or other body contouring procedures. His objective is to utilize body contouring surgery to create a more proportional, attractive figure.

Newport Beach Body Contouring: