Body Contouring Surgery

What is Body Contouring Surgery?What is Body Contouring Surgery?

Many women and men are able to achieve toned bodies through genetics, healthy diets and exercise. But, no matter how much you exercise or strict dieting can improve loose, uneven body contours or sagging skin. Body contouring surgery is one option for people whose skin and underlying tissue has lost its natural elasticity due to massive weight loss, pregnancy, aging, sun damage, genetics or other reasons.

If your upper arms, buttocks, groin, thighs, abdomen, breasts or  sag or droop, you may want to think about body contouring for a solution. Body contouring not only removes excess skin and fat deposits, it also improves the tone of the tissue beneath. Body contouring can also improve the appearance of cellulite that leaves you with dimpled, uneven skin.

Body Contouring Surgery Procedures

Body contouring surgery refers to a group of procedures that target different areas of the body. Dr. Seify will sit down with you to discuss your problem areas and your goals for the surgery. Common body contouring procedures offered by Dr. Seify include:


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