New Bra Models to Help Healing Following Breast Augmentation Surgery

PR Web did a feature on surgical garment manufacturer, Nouvelle Compression Wear. Since breast augmentation is one of the most popular among plastic surgery procedures, they introduced their top bras for optimal healing following breast augmentation surgery. The main factor in these bras is comfort and quality construction in order to achieve optimal surgical results and fast healing. These bras are designed to “protect and stabilize breasts following surgical procedures such as breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty), breast lift (mastopexy), breast implants (augmentation mammoplasty), mastectomy, and breast reconstruction following mastectomy.”
The bras can be worn 24 hours a day and seven days a week to “ensure surgical sites, stitches, and drains are comfortably protected and secure.”

Different Styles of Bras

The article also listed the types of bras and their functions.
“Bra Bands – Bra Bands are durable, flexible cotton bands that provide support and stability after having breast surgery. They can also be worn underneath your regular bra, but not an underwired bra. Ideal for the patient recovering from a breast lift (mastopexy).
Bras with Cups – Compression bras with cups are designed to provide support and stability after having breast surgery. These bras have no underwiring and will enhance the results of a breast augmentation or mastectomy.
Bras with Sleeves – Bras with Sleeves are designed to provide compression in the upper torso and arms. They enhance the recovery of an armlift, liposuction, breast surgery or lymphederma.
Bras without Cups – Bras without Cups provide maximum compression and stability with flat fronts. These bras are designed to offer complete support (vertically and laterally), protection, and enhance the patient’s ability to return to an active lifestyle.
Cotton Bras – Cotton Bras are also made with flexible nylon to produce the optimal compression necessary for recovering from breast surgeries such as: breast implants, breast reconstructions, mastectomies, and mastopexies.”

We Believe in Looking Out for Our Patients’ Comfort After Plastic Surgery

Products like the ones mentioned in the above article are a great way to make the plastic surgery experience more comfortable. Experiences like a breast augmentation can be difficult to endure post-surgery and it is important to have a speedy and stress free recovery. All of us at Dr. Seify’s practice advocate taking great care of yourself post-surgery and looking into products that help you have a comfortable recovery. If you are ready to make that plastic surgery commitment, give Dr. Seify’s office a call to schedule a consultation. Dr H.S. Seify

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