Breast Augmentation After Breast feeding

Breast Augmentation After Breast feedingBreast augmentation is often associated with breast feeding. Breast feeding has been the choice of medical professionals for mothers and their babies. Doctors  seem to continually search for ways to encourage new mothers to breast-feed their babies. Breast-feeding has been known to have a negative effect on the appearance of a woman’s breast once she is no longer breast-feeding. Many patents consider brast augmetation early in their pregnancy. Many patients after breast-feeding are disillusioned with lost volume, loose and sagging skin, and misshapen nipples. While to some this may sound vain the reality is many women agonize over the thought of what their breast will look like once they are no longer breast-feeding. Breast augmentation could be a viable solution.

Breast Augmentation An Option After Breast Feeding

Breast augmentation is a personal choice. Most women have an increase in breast size of 1 to 2 cup sizes while they are actively breast feeding. Once they discontinue breast feeding many return to their original size. Some are smaller than before pregnancy. Many unhappy with stretchmarks  that sometimes appear on the breast and the texture of the stretched skin. This is usually when they consider breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation After Breast Feeding Is An Excellent Solution

Dr. Seify has treated many women with breast augmentation following breast-feeding. It is not uncommon for patients to be unhappy with the shape and size of their breast after pregnancy. Dr. Seify helps patients understand that breastaugmentation results can provide an improved contour as well as greater fullness in the upper pole of the breast. Often times the nipples can be reshaped and the excess skin removed with a breast lift combined with breast augmentation. Dr. Seify uses many state-of-the-art techniques including fat grafting, different sizes, shapes, and textures of implants, as well as short scar breastlift options. Patients can choose breast feeding as an option without fear of losing the ability to have their best appearance and contour once they are no longer breast-feeding. Many women are fine with their breast after breast-feeding and feel as though the trade-off was well worth it. But, for those who choose to improve upon their shape and size after breast-feeding there are wonderful breast augmentation options that allow a woman to do what is best for the baby and also choose the best appearance for herself.

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