Breast Augmentation- Does Size Matter?

Breast Augmentation- Does Size Matter? Breast augmentation is no longer a taboo subject.It is no secret, especially in Newport Beach and surrounding Southern California areas that breast augmentation is a popular procedure. Due to the popularity of the procedure some patients have begun to take many aspects of the surgical procedure for granted. Some patients assume that because the procedure is performed so often that all doctors performing the procedure are of equal surgical skill and talent. This is untrue.

Breast Augmentation a Specialized Procedure

Every doctor who performs breast augmentation or other breast surgeries including breast lift and breast reduction is unique in their approach, surgical skill, education, and talent. So, patients who are considering breast augmentation need to ask very specific questions of their plastic surgery. One of the questions that are foremost on the mind of most patients considering breast augmentation concerns the size of breast implant the doctor will recommend.  Dr. Seify explains that while every patient is unique there are general guidelines that will help patients to determine the right size for them. Most patients according to general surveys will increase their cup size by an average of 1 1/2 size. Patients who have a significant amount of their own breast tissue and are having a breast lift combined with breast augmentation may choose a smaller implant in order to compensate for the existing breast tissue. Patients who have a desire for excessively large implants are educated concerning the increased risk for complications due to the size of the implant.

Breast Augmentation Complications

Extremely large implants are more prone to capsular contracture which is an excessive growth of scar tissue surrounding the implant and infection. The larger the implant chosen for breast augmentation, the greater the risk of complications. Contrary to what the news media would have the public believe very few patients request excessively large breast implants. Most patients tell Dr. Seify that they just want to look and feel better in their clothes. Most do not want to draw unnecessary attention to themselves and tell Dr. Seify that they want a very natural unassuming bust line. Dr. Seify is careful to help patients choose the right size not only for their body frame but also for their lifestyle. The goal is for patients to have a comfortable experience that exceeds their expectations.

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