Breast Augmentation| No Such Thing As Perfect Breast

breast augmentationWhen considering plastic surgery it is easy to believe that you are paying for perfection. After all, many advertisements and promotions promise the perfect body you have always wanted. Breast augmentation is the number one sought after plastic surgery procedure in the United States and some women approach the procedure with the expectation that they will have perfect breast that they saw in a picture or magazine after their breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Seify explains to each patient that it is imperative that they have a realistic expectation concerning the results of their breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Should Be Considered Carefully

Patienst must first realize that every woman has some sort of breast asymmetry. No one is completely even, and every asymmetry cannot be changed with surgery. For example, the breast crease is not likely to move very much even with a large implant. Some women have an uneven breast fold because of an asymmetry in the chest wall, or scoliosis of the spine. Neither of these circumstances would change with breast augmentation. Some patients have what is known as low lying breast tissue, and that is what is natural and unique to them.

Breast Augmentation at Newport Plastic Surgery

Dr. Seify utilizes his experience and expertise to work with patients asymmetries. This is done by choosing specific implants and using surgical techniques that will help him to improve upon the existing asymmetries. For example, a patient who may have existing breast tissue that sits on the outer chest wall may have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance by using a high-profile a high-profile implant that is fuller through the middle. This could give the appearance that the breasts are closer together once they are enhanced. Patients should always remember that breast augmentation is an enhancement of what already exists. It is not a replacement of the breast. Patients are likely to be extremely happy with their results provided they maintain realistic expectations concerning their results.

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