Breast Augmentation & Pregnancy Plans

Patients who are considering breast augmentation typically are either entering childbearing age or are of childbearing age. As Americans are living longer older women are entering the arena of first-time breast augmentation patients; however, most are likely to be within the childbearing ages. Pregnancy is often a concern and patient should feel comfortable sharing those concerns with Dr. Seify . Many patients are concerned as to whether or not they will be able to breast-feed following breast augmentation. It is important to note that every woman is not automatically assured that she will be able to breast-feed after childbirth. There are other factors that can cause difficulty for women who choose to breast-feed. In general, Dr. Seify will place breast implants behind the pectoralis muscle so as not to interfere with the milk ducts which allow for breast-feeding. Patients are often concerned with pregnancy and how it will affect the aesthetic appearance of their breast augmentation. It is important for patients to know that with pregnancy the breast tissue is often affected as women gain volume and the breast become filled with milk. After giving birth, even if patients do not breast-feed it is likely that they will lose volume over time and in many cases there will be a component of sagging to the breast. For patients who have breast implants that are placed behind the muscle, the breast are largely unaffected provided the fluctuation in the size of breast tissue is not significant. The timing of breast augmentation for patients who are considering the procedure but have not yet decided about pregnancy is one that is completely personal. There are pros and cons whether women have breast augmentation prior to having children or after having children. Dr. Seify helps patients to make the best individualized choice based on their overall desires including lifestyle choices and relationship status. Dr. Seify offers both saline and silicone options for patients who are considering breast augmentation. Dr. Seify also specializes in breast lift options which include the vertical lift, and periaerolar lift. A breast lift is discussed with patients who have a significant sagging component to their breast that would affect the overall appearance of their breast augmentation should the breast tissue not be lift during the breast augmentation procedure. In most cases Dr. Seify can provide these procedures together. Patients who  are considering breast augmentation are encouraged to contact Dr Seify and schedule a consultation.

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