Breast Augmentation| Will It Change My Ability To Exercise?

breast augmentationBreast augmentation is often associated with Southern California, beautiful beaches, and great weather. And on those beautiful beaches, enjoying the great weather, are fit and lean women. There are many women who hesitate about proceeding with breast augmentation due to their existing active lifestyle. Some patients tell Dr. Seify that they exercise regularly, sometimes as much as six times per week in an effort to maintain their desired appearance and health.

Breast Augmentation and Exercise

In overwhelming majority of cases, breast implants will not interfere with a regular exercise routine. Patients who are involved in high-level sports or extreme sports will need to use added caution in some cases. The best way to be sure that breast implants do not cause interference while exercising is to be sure that  breast implants are proportional to the patient’s size and figure. During the initial consultation Dr. Seify will take breast measurements of the patient. Patients who are active should express their concerns for remaining active with Dr. Seify and explain the type of activities they enjoy. Dr. Seify’s recommendation is likely to be based on the patient’s body frame, measurements, and lifestyle including the activities the patient enjoys on a regular basis. The final recommendation is the patient’s choice; however, the patient should be careful to choose breast implants on the lower range versus choosing breast implants that are more aggressively sized.

Breast Augmentation for Active Lifestyles

After surgery, patient should slowly return to their exercise routine. Patients often become impatient and want to return to their exercise routine quickly since they are likely to feel better in a few days. However, Dr. Seify encourages patients to wait a full 4 to 6 weeks before returning to the full routine they enjoyed prior to surgery. This is the best way to reduce the risk of complications,  that could in some instances result in an additional surgery. Patient should invest in a quality sports bra. Women with breast implants mistakenly believe that because they do not need a bra to prevent their breast from sagging, that a sports bra is not necessary. A sports bra will not only protect the breast from injury while exercising, it will also support the breast and strict the movement of the breast. With a sports bra, the breast are likely to move with the actions of the patient rather than on their own. Dr. Seify encourages active and athletic patients who are considering breast augmentation to contact the office and schedule a complimentary consultation, to discuss their options for breast augmentation.


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