Breast Cancer ¦ Breast Milk Protein May Be a Source of Prevention

breastBreast feeding is in the news again.The benefits of breast milk have been extolled by medical professionals for decades. A new scientific study shows even further beneficial links to breast feeding and the prevention of breast cancer. According to the onlinearticle once patients have why breastfeeding protects against multiple forms of cancer is still largely unknown. A new study in the Journal of Human Lactation (published by SAGE) found high levels of cancer-fighting TNF-related apoptosis inducing ligand (TRAIL) in human milk, which could be one source of breast milk’s anticancer ingredient.

Breast Milk has Health Benefits

Researchers extracted samples of colostrum, the first milk available to newborns, and of aged breast milk from new mothers. Researchers then collected samples of blood from healthy women, and a sampling of ready-to-feed infant formulas. The colostrum, mature b milk, blood and formula were then all evaluated to measure their level of TRAIL. The researchers found that colostrum and milk contained 400- and 100-fold, respectively, higher levels of TRAIL than blood. No TRAIL was detected in the formula. “The important role of breastfeeding in the prevention of certain childhood cancers, such as lymphoblastic leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, and neuroblastoma, has been previously demonstrated,” wrote the authors. “However, endogenous soluble TRAIL represents a strong candidate to explain the overall biological effect of breastfeeding against cancer.”  Breast feeding undoubtedly is the best for both the baby and the mother’s health.

Breast Augmentation After Breast Feeding

Some women complain of toll breast-feeding can take on the appearance shape and contour of their breast. Dr. Seify assures his patientsthat mothers who have breast-fed have found breastaugmentation with or without implants to be extremely beneficial in restoring their breast to their original pre-pregnancy shape. Many patients have lost significant volume in the upper portion of their breast and a breastimplant allows them to regain the fullness. Dr. Seify may recommend a breastliftfor patients who have a significant sagging component to their breast. For these patients he may utilize a small implant to achieve better symmetry and shape. Most patients tell Dr. Seify that their breast augmentation procedure gives them more self-confidence and a higher self-esteem after giving birth.


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