Breast Cancer ¦ Cymbalta May Relieve Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects

breast cancerBreast cancer treatment can be grueling for patients. Patients who are having debilitating side effects often search for relief with the hopes that it will not interfere with their treatment. According to recent industry article Cymbalta may be a drug that will be useful for patients who are having negative side effects from their chemotherapy breast cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer Treatment May Come From Depression Drug

According to the article researchers are considering the antidepressant drug duloxetine, widely known as Cymbalta, to relieve excruciating tingling feelings that can be caused by chemotherapy in almost 60 percent of patients. Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy is a frequently experienced side effects that stem from certain chemotherapy drugs. The tingling feeling — most commonly felt in the extremities including toes, feet, fingers and hands — can cause discomfort for many patients, however, in about 30 percent of patients, is actually a painful sensation. A multitude of studies performed previously have discovered no dependable way to effectively treat this type of pain. In the initial clinical trial using Cymbalta, which was be presented Tuesday at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, researchers analyzed 231 patients who reported to their physician  painful neuropathy after receiving the chemotherapy drugs oxaliplatin or paclitaxel. Patients were randomly assigned to receive duloxetine or a placebo for five weeks. They were asked to report on their pain levels weekly throughout the study.The researchers discovered that 59 percent of patients who were given duloxetine reported reduced pain, in the meantime only 39 percent of those taking placebo did.

Breast Cancer Treatment and Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Seify encourages patients to be forthcoming with any concerns they may have with chemotherapy and other medications including side effects. Breast reconstruction is a long process and in most cases Dr. Seify will be working alongside a team of other physicians who are treating the patient. When patients are having discomfort and other concerns it can affect the entire breast cancer treatment process including breast reconstruction. Dr. Seify and his staff encourage patients to participate in a healthy diet and exercise regimen according to their treating physicians’ instructions. Following a breast cancer diagnosis and throughout treatment including breast reconstruction patients are encouraged to maintain open communication with all treating physicians. This helps to ensure not only a good patient experience but also better results.

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