Breast Cancer ¦ New Study Says Alcohol Increases Breast Cancer Risk

breast cancerBreast cancer risk may be increased with drinking alcohol according to a new study. A recent ABC news story reported that there appears to be an association between increased breast cancer risk and the consumption of alcohol. According to the news story a new study by the National Cancer Institute of 1,900 post-menopausal women discovered that the consumption of 7 to 14 alcoholic drinks over the period of week or translated into 1 to 2 drinks per day is associated with a 60% increased risk for developing breast cancer. Of significant importance, it was discovered that the specific women developed what is known as the most common type of breast cancer also called “estrogen and progesterone hormone receptor positive “cancer. In contrast with other types of cancer fewer women suffer fatalities from cancer of this type. “[These cancers] behave better, are less aggressive,” says Dr. Claudine Isaacs, professor of oncology at the Georgetown University Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and one of the study’s authors.

Breast Cancer and Associated Risk

This study is an adjunct study  and provides additional data to support a much larger study that was published in November that reviewed in excess of 100,000 women and found that drinking 3 to 6 alcoholic drinks per week was associated with a 15% increased risk of breast cancer. While other studies previously reported a proven  overall increase in breast cancer this study specifically identified which type of breast cancer would be affected by alcohol. “The findings from this study are significant because there are relatively few breast cancer risk factors that someone can actually modify or do something about,” Isaacs says, “and alcohol intake is one of them.”

Breast Cancer and Managed Risk

Dr. Seify is committed to helping patients make lifestyle choices that will allow them to maintain good breast health. As a breast reconstruction surgeon he is intimately involved with patients who have a breast cancer diagnosis. He works with a team of physicians and surgeons to help patients make informed decisions concerning breast reconstruction and the options available to them. As an ASPS board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon he is also committed to helping patients who have cosmetic breast surgeries including breast augmentation, cosmetic breast reduction, and breast lift understand that even after breast surgery it is imperative that patients follow proper medical guidelines to maintain their best breast health. This includes mammogram screening as well as breast self-exam. Patient should follow the recommendation of their primary care physician in order to assure their following the guidelines are best for their specific situation. Dr. Seify encourages patients to consult with him if they have aesthetic concerns about their breast to determine if breast surgery is a viable option for them.


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