Breast Cancer| Benefits of Flax Seed

Breast cancer risk can be reduced with good lifestyle choices and a healthy diet. More studies continue to support the concept that many super foods are beneficial in reducing the risk of breast cancer. According to a recent onlinearticle dedicated to the power of natural foods there were 2.6 million breast cancer survivors living with a breast cancer diagnosis which is both personally devastating and financially exhausting. At a national level, the annual expense for treatment alone is close to $14 billion.

Breast Cancer and Natural Foods

Breast cancer researchers have found some natural foods that fight breast cancer. The standard approaches including treatment with radiation, chemotherapy and surgery are well known, according to the article there are effective natural approaches for prevention and treatment of breast cancer which can have a meaningful impact on the disease. One of these is flax seeds which are the richest source of plant based omega-3 fatty acids and are high in lignans and fiber all of which have been proven to help reduce breast cancer risk. According to breast cancer specialist Christine Horner, MD, in her book Waking the Warrior Goddess, “If you were given only one choice of a food to take as medicine, your best choice would be the tiny seed from the flax plant.”

Breast Cancer and a Healthy Lifestyle

Understanding the importance of food choices, lifestyle, and the value of exercise and how it affects breast cancer risks and survival rates is critical to women’s health. Dr. Seify meets with breast cancer patientsat different stages of diagnosis. Each patient is given a detailed consultation to help determine the best course of action following their breast cancer diagnosis. As an ASPS breast reconstruction surgeon Dr. Seify is committed to helping his patients understand their options for breastreconstruction. Dr. Seify has a long history of participation in major clinical trials for some of the most widely used methods used in reconstructive surgery around the world. Patients benefit greatly from Dr. Seify ‘s knowledge and skill in both the cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery fields. Some of the advances in breastsurgery used in breastaugmentation have developed as a result of breast reconstruction methods. Dr. Seify and his staff encourage patients to embrace good healthy lifestyle habits which in turn will help them to receive the maximum benefit from their surgical procedure.

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