Breast Cancer Blood Test May Predict Early Spread of the Disease

breast cancerBreast cancer diagnosis is a area in which ┬áresearchers continue to make great strides.Improvements in early breast cancer diagnosis are critical to the success of breast cancer treatment. According to a recent online article a blood test that could possibly predict breast cancer’s spread may increase the timeliness of diagnosis and treatment for women with early stage breast cancer, a new study reports. Dr. Anthony Lucci, a professor of surgical oncology at the University of Texas, Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and his colleagues analyzed 302 patients with operable breast cancer. Their earlier research isolated so-called circulating tumor cells in the blood of patients who had metastatic breast cancer or breast cancer that has spread. The cells are shed by tumors and are believed to cause cancer if they attach themselves to a different area of the body.

Breast Cancer Early Diagnosis By Blood Test

For this study, published in the June 5 issue of┬áLancet Oncology, the researchers set out to discover if these circulating cells could be located in patients at an earlier stage of the disease and determine if the presence of cells could forecast the disease progression. After analyzing the patients using a blood test, the researchers were able to isolate circulating tumor cells in 24 percent of the study group. Subsequent analysis showed the presence of the cells predicted if the disease had progressed as well as the patient’s overall survival rate. Fifteen percent of patients who tested positive for the cells had recurrent breast cancer, while 10 percent died during the four-year-study period. That compares to 3 percent of patients who didn’t test positive for the cells that relapsed and 2 percent that died during the study. The ability to predict survival rates as well as determine the progression of breast cancer through a blood test is a substantial improvement and will serve to aid patients in making better more informed decisions following their breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis With a Caring Approach

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