Breast Cancer Detection Technology Improved

Breast cancer early detection is critical. For women with dense breast tissue detecting breast cancer through a traditional mammogram has been a concern. According to a recent online article women who have dense breasts on mammography have an elevated risk of breast cancer. It is understood that mammography cannot discover all cancers especially in dense breast tissue, some states (Texas, Connecticut, and soon California) have established laws that will make it mandatory for the provision of information related to women who are known to have dense breasts, and recommend a consideration for adding ultrasound or MRI screening to mammography to make the cancer detection method more effective.

Breast Cancer Early Detection Is Most Important

Some physicians have been offering a version of bilateral breast cancer screening with traditional l ultrasound, however this takes a lot of time and is heavily dependent on the skill of the person doing the exam. For this reason, new devices are being developed to reduce the likelihood of human error in the exam and make it more accurate. SonoCine is one specific brand of device for automated breast cancer ultrasound, recommended for some women who may have dense breast tissue. The most accurate term to use for this is “automated breast  cancer ultrasound” because it does not rely on the human factor, in contrast to current ultrasound technology. It is debatable as to whether it is the best form of technology, but physicians are using it and many find it to be effective. Adding ultrasound to mammography has downsides including false positives which could lead to unnecessary biopsies.

Breast Cancer Screening A Must for all Women

Patients are advised to ask questions of their physician especially if they are known to have dense breast tissue. Dr. Seify explains to patients considering cosmetic breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift that breast health is very important. Patient should be diligent with their breast self-exams on a monthly basis regardless of their age. Younger women are more likely to have dense breast tissue so breast self-exam is very important, as the likelihood of the patient discovering abnormalities including lumps or unexplained discharge, is better than the discovery being made during an annual gynecological exam. Patients are also advised to follow their primary care physicians’ recommendations   for mammography. Early detection remains the best and most effective action for fighting breast cancer effectively.


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