Breast Cancer| Exercise is Beneficial after Cancer Diagnosis

Breast cancer patients who are newly diagnosed are now being advised to exercise. The benefits of exercise for overall health have been well documented over the years. According to recent onlinearticle being physically active could extend the lives of people with breast and colon cancer, a new study suggests. Breast cancer and colon cancer patients showed specific improvement. Exercise may also benefit patients with other cancers, but there is no overwhelming evidence to make that distinction, the researchers added. “We have lots of data that says physical activity after a breast cancer diagnosis is generally safe and is associated with many improvements in overall quality of life, and these data suggest that it may even be beneficial in terms of prolonging life,” said lead researcher Dr. Rachel Ballard-Barbash, associate director of the applied research program in the division of cancer control and population science at the U.S. National Cancer Institute.

Breast Cancer No Longer Considered a Death Sentence

For a number of years, the medical community and others were likely to think of a diagnosis of breast cancer as being fatal, but since people are being diagnosed much earlier and receiving effective life-saving treatment, they’re living and surviving for a long time with their breast cancer usually in remission. Without a healthy diet and proper exercise program patients could be at risk for other diseases including heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Breast Cancer and Exercise Benefits

Exercise should always be performed upon approval from a patient’s physician. Dr. Seify explains to patientsthat exercise that is introduced following reconstructive or cosmetic surgery during the initial recovery period should be discussed with them first. Cosmetic surgery patients who are recovering from procedures including breastaugmentation and other breast surgeries , or liposuctionshould be careful to avoid certain exercises that could compromise the healing process. For breast augmentation with breastimplants, especially sub muscular breast implants, it is important to avoid pectoralis strengthening exercises including pec fly exercises, and push-ups, until Dr. Seify releases the patient to resume the exercises. Liposuction patients should be careful with excessive exercise that may increase swelling during the initial recovery period. Exercise is encouraged for patients following surgery; however, it is imperative that patients communicate with Dr. Seify and his staff to be sure they are not compromising excellent results and a satisfying plastic surgery patient experience.



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