Breast Cancer Fatigue Not Expected to Be As Severe As Previously Thought

Breast cancer diagnosis  for most women brings dread about the fatigue(among other things) that is widely considered to be part of treatment and the after affects. According to recent news story a study has shown that breast cancer related fatigue is not as widespread or severe as had been previously thought. According to the news story not many women who were treated for breast cancer feel persistent fatigue a year later, an Australian study suggests.

Breast Cancer Related Fatigue Is Generally Short Term If It Happens

Chronic debilitating breast cancer related fatigue is common after many breast cancer treatments, with some studies estimating up to 50% of women still experiencing chronic fatigue months after breast cancer treatment ends. Researchers in Australia organized a study to test how frequent breast cancer-related fatigue actually occurs among women with early-stage breast cancer who had surgery in conjunction with treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy. “The good news is that the vast majority of women who have undergone breast cancer treatment either never experience ongoing debilitating fatigue in the weeks and months after treatment ends or if they do, it passes relatively quickly,” said Professor David Goldstein of the University of New South Wales in Sydney.  Breast cancer-related fatigue is fairly prevalent but women can be reassured that in most cases, it is not debilitating in the long-term, he added in a press release about the study. For the study in April’s issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Goldstein and his colleagues followed 218 women for five years.

Breast Cancer Treatment Options Help Patients

Breast cancer treatment is a long journey. It is encouraging for women to know that if cancer related chronic fatigue is affecting them that it will get better and is not likely to be long-term. When Dr. Seify consults with patients who are recently diagnosed with breast cancer and helps them to create a breast reconstruction treatment plan, it is important for patients to discuss how they’re feeling both medically and psychologically. Patients who are recently diagnosed are faced with many decisions and Dr. Seify helps them to prioritize and make decisions based on as much information as possible from all of their treating physicians and surgeons. Breast reconstruction can be a long process and it is important for patients to understand the risk, complications and benefits they can expect. Just as with cosmetic plastic surgery ,expectations of the patient should be managed for the best possible outcome. Dr. Seify and his staff are committed to helping patients maintain a positive attitude and encourage healthy communication.

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