Breast Cancer Few Doctors Discuss Exercise When Treating Patients

Breast cancer treatment accompanied with regular exercise as proven beneficial by many studies. According to recent article few doctors are sharing this information with their patients according to a new study. Exercise is known to improve breast cancer patients mobility which allows them to participate in activities and reduces the chance that they will become isolated within their homes. It can also be a significant part of improving overall feelings of strength and physical safety as well as improve cancer related fatigue and sleep deprivation according to a Mayo Clinic news release. Regular exercise for breast cancer patients has been known to reduce the recurrence by up to as much is 50% according to the news release.

Breast Cancer Patients Should Exercise

The study found that patients who were already exercising prior to their cancer diagnosis were most likely to continue exercising after treatment. Researchers also found that most patients did not attribute daily activities like gardening as exercise. Most were not aware of the consequences of lack of exercise once diagnosed with breast cancer. None of the patients in the study said that their oncologist had discussed exercise with them.

Breast Cancer Patients Can Have an Active Lifestyle


Dr. Seify is committed to working with breast cancer patients and helping them return to a life as normal as possible. As a breast cancer reconstruction surgeon Dr. Seify works closely with other medical professionals caring for his patients who could include radiologist, oncologist, as well as other medical specialties. Patients who elect for breast reconstruction immediately following their breast surgery are given recommendations by Dr. Seify for returning to daily activities including exercise. As patients review their options for breast reconstruction following a breast cancer diagnosis is important to share with Dr. Seify their exercise habits as well as lifestyle choices. This helps Dr. Seify to present breast reconstruction options that will be most beneficial to the patient.


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