Breast Cancer Fighting Implants in Development

Breast Cancer Fighting Implants in DevelopmentBreast cancer and new ways to fight the disease remain a priority until a cure is found. According to recent online industry article researchers from two different universities Brown University and the University of Akron are forging ahead in groundbreaking research to develop breast implants that could prevent the development of breast cancer or even detect the presence of breast cancer cells.  If these advancements are successful it could have a significant impact on women who are breast cancer survivors as well as those who have a history of breast cancer within their family. Biomedical scientist at Brown University published their results in the Journal of Nanotechnology which documented their creation of a breast implant with a microcosmic surface described as ”bed of nails” that prevents cancer cells from attaching themselves, surviving, and thriving. According to the article the surface is friendly for healthy breast cells but not so for breast cells that are cancerous. Researchers are hopeful that this technology can be tested on humans within the next five years. The study out of the University of Akron involved materials scientist who are developing a breast implant that would help to destroy cancer cells. The prototype for the breast implant would have medication that is embedded in the polymer material that is intended to fight infection, reduce inflammation, and possibly even destroy breast cancer cells. The ability to locally target medication for breast cancer survivors would have a significant impact on breast reconstruction patients. The new technology that is on the horizon is promising however it is important for patients to consult with their oncologist and breast reconstruction plastic surgeon to determine which options are available and recommended for them. Dr. Seify encourages patients to consider breast reconstruction early in their breast cancer diagnosis. Many patients are not aware of their reconstruction options when given a breast cancer diagnosis. Dr. Seify encourages patients to be proactive concerning breast reconstruction options and investigate the possibilities. Dr. Seify works closely with the treating medical team including oncologist, radiologist, and the general surgeon. The goal is to deliver the best overall patient care for every patient.

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