Breast Cancer| Herbal Tea May Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast CancerIt is a widely held belief that nutrition and specific foods may hold ingredients that could prevent breast cancer. According to recent news release herbal tea may soon be included in the list of food products with cancer fighting ingredients. According to the article and Aston University news release it reported that it had been discovered by scientists that an extract found in herbal see from a common plant and Pakistan may be beneficial in the fight against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer and Nutrition

The plant which is called Fagonia cretica, has been traditionally used for treatment of women diagnosed with breast cancer in Pakistan, but until now it has been considered more folklore myth then a true remedy. The scientists at Aston University in Birmingham and Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley in the United Kingdom conducted test of the plant extract and were able to prove that it kills cancer cells without damaging normal breast cells under laboratory conditions. Pakistani patients who were treated with the plant extract claim to have no side effects that are similar to those associated with traditional cancer treatments including hair loss, diarrhea, or drop in blood count.

Breast Cancer and  Herbal Tea Benefits

Researchers were adamant about the fact that more research would be needed to truly establish the role of the extract and how it effectively manages cancer. It is also important to note that these results were obtained in the laboratory and not confirmed as equal or similar results in the body. Dr. Seify explains to patients diagnosed with breast cancer that is committed to working with the medical team treating the patient as he discusses the best options for breast cancer reconstruction surgery. He is committed to helping patients explore the existing breast cancer reconstruction options that are available to them as well as helping them understand how their breast cancer reconstruction choices will affect their treatment plan. Dr. Seify encourages patients to maintain a healthy diet and exercise in accordance with their professional medical team and their specific recommendations for the patient.

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