Breast Cancer |How Men Cope When Partner Is Diagnosed

Breast Cancer |How Men Cope When Partner Is DiagnosedBreast cancer diagnosis affects the lives of the entire family. According to recent article a study out of Canada discovered that male partners of women diagnosed with breast cancer aren’t excited about participating in generic spousal support groups and as an alternative choose to reduce stress by exercising or socializing with their friends. The study which is published in the July edition of Oncology Nursing Forum, consist of information based on answers given by men from Edmonton and Saskatoon who answered questions about the process they used to deal with their partners breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Support is Important for Partners

Many of the participants said that it was a struggle to maintain a positive attitude. According to the article men found that there were plenty of programs for women to help support them, but found support for men dealing with their partners breast cancer to be lacking. According to the article the husbands are very important part of the support process for wives who are diagnosed with breast cancer. It is important that the husbands maintain hope so that the breast cancer patient, his wife, stays hopeful and positive. The men also stated that they felt excluded from their wives appointments because they were often during the husband working hours.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis Affects the Entire Family

Dr. Seify understands the importance of including the spouse or partner in the breast reconstruction process. After a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent breast reconstruction the lives of patients and their loved ones can be very hectic. Dr. Seify and his staff work closely with the other treating physicians when all possible. Dr. Seify and his staff work closely with the husband to help him understand the best options available before and after his wife’s breast reconstruction. Dr. Seify and his staff help patients to understand insurance options, options for breast reconstruction procedures, as well as what to expect from surgery. It is important for husbands to understand that their positive participation in their wives breast cancer recovery is vital to the patient’s successful recovery.

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