Breast Cancer| Most Women Return to Work After Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast CancerBreast cancer treatment has become more effective. As a result patients are more likely to return to work after breast cancer treatment according to recent online article. According to the article Swedish researchers discovered that of 505 women treated for breast cancer 75% remained employed 16 months after they were diagnosed. This is right in line with the overall rate of Swedish women in general.

Breast Cancer Treatment Allows Patients To Return to Work

According to the study 72% of the women who were working prior to their diagnosis returned to work without any changes made to their schedules. Approximately 15% had to reduce their hours, while around 11% did not go back to work at all. “It is a very positive finding that the majority of breast cancer patients return to their prediagnosis working time,” lead researcher Marie Hoyer, of Uppsala University in Sweden, said in an email. The study author made a point to remind the public that is still important to support women who decide not to go back to work due to their disease or treatment related to the disease. It appeared that women, who had chemotherapy as treatment had a tougher time going back to work than those who had other treatments, like surgery and radiation for example. About one fourth of chemotherapy patients had to reduce their work hours as compared to only 6% of the other women. This was expected as chemotherapy tends to have more negative side effects that affect the overall experience of patients.

Breast Cancer Treatment and Reconstruction  Allow for Work Schedules

Dr. Seify works closely with the patient’s other medical professionals involved in their breast cancer diagnosis. This often includes radiologist, oncologist, as well as general surgeons. It is important for patients to discuss not only the expected negative side effects of medications but also their desires and plans including plans to return to work. As Dr. Seify helps patients consider which breast reconstruction options will work best for them it is important for patients to also consider their plans to return to work and how much time will be necessary for recovery. Dr. Seify is committed to providing scheduling as well as staff support to help patients maintain a lifestyle as close to normal as possible. Breast cancer undoubtedly is an interruption that causes massive changes in the lives of patients. However, it is possible to manage the change and have a positive outcome with forethought and preparation.



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