Breast Cancer New Drug Shows Promise

breast cancerBreast cancer drugs continue to be one of the most researched drugs in the world. When a new drug seems promising it is big and exciting news. According to a recent online article medical experts in the UK have witnessed a major breakthrough in their research to ward off the onset of breast cancer longer. A new drug, which has been tested, has passed the test and proven that it can stall the disease for longer than current treatments, providing renewed optimism for patients.

Breast Cancer Drug Could Extend Life

The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle was among a handful of medical centers across the world to test a newly introduced treatment for advanced breast cancer. Conclusions from the study also show the drug, T-DM1, significantly reduces the negative side effects of chemotherapy. While T-DM1 is undergoing more in-depth trials, the discovery is being celebrated as a major step forward. Dr Mark Verrill, consultant medical oncologist at the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has played a significant role in the study, which isolated and analyzed advanced forms of the disease known as HER2-positive. He said: “For the first time in breast cancer, we have been able to significantly extend patients’ remission time while also reducing the side effects associated with chemotherapy. “This is an exciting development because HER2-positive breast cancer is very aggressive.”

Breast Cancer Patients Have Reason to be Optimistic

As a breast cancer reconstruction an ASPS a board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Seify is passionate about finding better more effective treatments for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Patients who have a more optimistic and hopeful outlook on their treatment and chances for survival are able to make better choices, especially those concerning breast reconstruction. Dr. Seify uses a team approach to patient care and involves the multispecialty team of doctors treating patients in the recommendation of breast reconstruction choices. This could include the oncologist, radiologist, and general surgeon just to name a few. Dr. Seify is also very involved in the latest clinical trials including stem cell research and fat transfer as options for better breast reconstruction methods. Dr. Seiki and his staff understand the benefits of patient centered care and never lose sight of the goal of improving not only survival rates but quality of life for breast cancer patients.


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