Breast Cancer| Obesity May Hinder Treatment

Breast cancer is a devastating diagnosis and effective treatment is key.¬† According to a new report obesity may actually hinder a woman’s success rate for treatment. According to an online article British researchers studied 54 postmenopausal women with the most common form of breast cancer estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. Over three quarters of the breast cancers need estrogen to grow, so if treatment is able to block the production or growth of estrogen, the treatment can be effective in treating breast cancer. The researchers discovered that breast cancer patients who were obese had higher levels to of estrogen than women who were of normal weight. Participants in the study were compared according to their BMI and a BMI over 30 is defined as obese. Participants with a BMI that was from 30 to 35 were at a higher level of estrogen about three times in their blood than those who had a BMI of less than 25 as reported by the researchers July 16 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. After treatment using drugs that suppress the hormone, estrogen levels contained in the obese women blood were reduced significantly but still remain double the levels of those seen in women who were of a normal weight.

Breast Cancer and Treatment

The researchers made a point to emphasize that women who are currently undergoing breast cancer treatment, and are obese should not be concerned with the results of this study. They stress that the study results will actually lead to better improvements for doctors treating women who are obese and have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Reconstruction Options

Dr. Seify encourages patients to remain positive concerning not only their breast cancer treatment but also the possibility for breast reconstruction and the positive effect it could have on their lives. For most women the best option is to include breast cancer reconstruction information with the other decisions made following a breast cancer diagnosis. Dr. Seify works closely with the team of medical professionals which could include the radiologist, oncologist, and general surgeon. Together with the patient they determine which choices are best suited for the patient and will allow them to have  the best quality of life. For many patients this includes a healthier lifestyle which in many cases can also lead to weight loss. Patients are encouraged to consult with Dr. Seify after a breast cancer diagnosis to discuss which breast reconstruction options are the best solutions for their specific situation

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