Breast Cancer Patients May Have Better Outcomes When Mammography Detects the Disease

Breast Cancer outcomes may be determined by how it is detected.According to a recent industryarticle women in their 40s whose breast cancer is detected by mammography have a better prognosis than women whose cancer is identified using other methods, according to a study in the March issue of Radiology.

Breast Cancer Detected Through Mammograms have a Different Outcome

Breast cancer patients with mammogram-detected  breast cancer were more likely to have a lumpectomy (67%) and less likely to have modified radical mastectomy (25%) than women who discovered the breast cancer themselves or whose doctor detected the issue, data show. Among this latter group, 48% had a lumpectomy and 47% had modified radical mastectomy ( Women with mammogram-detected breast cancer also were less likely to have a fatal outcome and have recurrent breast cancer, than those whose cancer was discovered a different way. Researchers examined data on 1,977 breast cancer patients 40 to 49 years old who were treated between 1990 and 2008 at the Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle.

Breast Cancer Detection and Mammography

Breast Cancer detection is a important part of research.This study further emphasizes the importance of mammography for early breast cancer detection. Dr. Seify explains to patients who are considering breast surgeries including breastaugmentation with breast implants, breastreduction, and breast lift that breast health is a life time commitment. Women should not neglect the recommended protocol for early breast cancer detection after having breast surgery. The standard recommendation is for every woman four years of age and older to have a mammogram annually. Patients should not be afraid based on the perceived discomfort and pain associated with the mammogram procedure. Most women find the process somewhat uncomfortable; however, the benefits far outweigh the short time of discomfort. It is not unusual for patients to present themselves for breast augmentation or other breast surgeries having never had a mammogram. If they are of a proper age, or they have a history of breast cancer Dr. Seify may require a mammogram prior to surgery. This is a standard of care for patients to help assure that proceeding with breast augmentation is in the patient’s best interest. Dr. Seify is committed to helping patients adopt a lifelong practice of taking care of their breast health.

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