Breast Cancer| Patients Want to See Breast Reconstruction Before Photos

breast cancerBreast cancer patients are thrust into a situation in which they need to make many decisions once they are given a breast cancer diagnosis. A recent article highlighted a survey conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that revealed 89% of women would like to see breast reconstruction surgery results before going under treatment for breast cancer. The results were released in advance of Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day which is October 17, 2012.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction  Gets A Celebration

There will be a celebration in New Orleans. ASPS President Dr. Malcolm Z. Roth is spearheading an initiative to allow breast cancer patients to view breast reconstruction results ,which until now has been virtually a taboo topic. The goal is to give women a forum and to allow them to realistically manage their expectation of breast reconstruction surgery. Breast cancer patient organizations have found that the majority of women faced with breast cancer treatment decisions and the decisions regarding breast reconstruction would like to see real results and talk to real patients who have had the procedure. The survey also found that only 23% of women new the wide range of breast reconstruction options available to them.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction Options at Newport Plastic Surgery

The survey also found that only 19% of the women understood that timing for their treatment, and their decision to undergo breast reconstruction has a significant impact on their options and results. Some women are never shown breast reconstruction surgery results at all. Most shocking of all, is that previous research showed that 7/10 women diagnosed with breast cancer are never given breast reconstruction options at all. Dr. Seify is pleased to see the elevated attention that is being focused on breast reconstruction. Dr. Seify has been in the forefront of participation in clinical trials to improve the options available for women choosing breast reconstruction. Dr. Seify continues to remain committed to a team caregiver approach in which he works closely with oncologist, radiologist, and general surgeons involved in the patient breast cancer treatment as well as breast reconstruction options. Dr. Seify encourages patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer to arrange their plastic surgery consultation to consider breast reconstruction options immediately following diagnosis, so that they are able to make the best decisions concerning the possibility of breast reconstruction.

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