Breast Cancer Risk Reduced By Housework?

Breast Cancer Risk Reduced By Housework?Breast cancer risks have known to be reduced by regular physical activity. Believe it or not household duties can be included as physical activity according to a recent online article. According to the article  2 1/2 hours of housework or walking a day could reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 6% according to a new study. Three hours of gardening or being moderately active can equal a 10% drop in risk levels. Consistently extremely active women were willing to do six hours of housework per day could see a reduction of breast cancer risk of 13%. The study which was published in international Journal of cancer analyzed results of 257,805 European women. Researchers find the study to be important because it shows that activity added to every woman’s daily task is relatively simple way of reducing her risk of developing breast cancer. Co-author Professor Tim Key, from the University of Oxford, said, “This large study further highlights the benefits of being active, even moderate amounts.

Breast Cancer Risks Reduced by Light to Moderate Exercise

There is also a lot of evidence that exercise reduces the risk of bowel cancer. More research is needed on other types of cancer, and to investigate the mechanisms which could explain the links.” Is important to note that women in this study were largely from generations where housework was relatively excessive or had jobs where activity was part of their job description.

Breast Cancer Screenings Should Continue after Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Dr. Seify explains to his cosmetic breast surgery patients that although they have had either a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction that may have been cosmetic the must remain proactive concerning their breast health. This means following the guidelines recommended by their primary care physician for breast cancer screenings. These are likely to include monthly breast self exam and annual mammograms after the age of 40. It is also important that patients maintain a healthy diet , exercise and stable weight. Gaining or losing an excessive amount of weight will affect the overall aesthetic result of breast augmentation surgery.

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