Breast Cancer Screening Fears Can Stop Women from Taking Action

Breast CancerBreast cancer is a devastating diagnosis. Although there are absolute confirmed exposure factors for breast cancer it appears as though the disease doesn’t play favorites. According to the online site Café  while younger diagnoses are almost unheard-of they clearly occur. Take Keisha Scott a woman from Washington D C who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 39 and underwent a double mastectomy last month. When she was 35 her gynecologist referred her for a baseline breast cancer mammogram screening. But she had been among other things, fearful to get screened having again and again, heard that it was an achy procedure. Fast forward four years later during Breast Cancer Awareness Month , the Jennifer Aniston ,Demi Moore ,Alicia Keys, Lifetime breast cancer film Five aired and Giuliana Rancic was publicly discussing her fight with the disease. Keisha concluded she had to make her appointment to get screened.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis Requires Life Changing Decisions

Breast Cancer were the words Keisha did not want to hear. After being called back for a second screening and biopsy, her doctor cut to the chase delivering the announcement “I’ m sorry my dear you have breast cancer”. Keisha admits that since her clinical diagnosis she’s had good days ,apathetic days, angered day,s and most of all doubtful days. But one thing has remained consistent: Her thinking that had she gotten screened for breast cancer when she was 35 that her aftermath may have been changeable. As a result she is currently appealing to women to get screened for breast cancer and be in contact with their doctors about early detection options.

Breast Cancer Screening Also Recommended for Plastic Surgery Patients

Patients who have had breast augmentation with implants, breast reduction, or breast lift must also consider the importance of breast health. Dr. Seify shares with his patients that breast surgery whether with implants or not ,is a nonfactor when considering the recommendations for breast cancer screening. Although there has been some opposing debate to the recommendation of the American Cancer Society for breast cancer screening, their recommendation remains the standard. Patients are advised to perform monthly self-breast exams as well as annual mammograms beginning at age 40. For patients who have a family history of breast cancer their primary care physician may recommend beginning mammograms earlier. Patients should be mindful of informing their primary care physician that they have had breast surgery. Dr. Seify will inform patients when their breast surgery has healed and they are able to proceed with mammogram screening.


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