Breast Cancer Survival Rate Increases with Teamwork

breast cancerBreast cancer survival rates are improved when medical professionals work as a team to devise the best treatment plans. According to a recent UK article this is a new finding. According to the article survival rates for breast cancer patients increased significantly as a result of better teamwork between surgeons, cancer specialists and nurses, a major new study has proven. A shift in approach, that has seen health staff make a conscious effort to work in unison, has resulted in survival increasing by 18 percent when death rates were contrasted with single doctors making decisions concerning patient’s care.

Breast Cancer Treatment From a Team Approach

The study, in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, looked at 13,722 women who had suffered from breast cancer since 1990 and offers clear evidence the new approach is effective. In the early 1990s, breast cancer sufferers were likely to be under the care of a sole physician, but doctors began to embrace the idea of that getting more experts participating in the treatment of each patient that it could improve survival rates. In 1995, a updated treatment model was introduced in Glasgow that saw each patient treated by multidisciplinary teams. The model – believed to be the first of its type in the UK – saw the establishment of teams headed by a specialist surgeon, who was performing at the minimum 50 breast cancer operations per year. The rest of the team would include cancer surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, radiologists and specialist nurses.

Breast Cancer Treatment and Reconstruction

Dr. Seify commonly participates in this type of team approach. There is no doubt that with breast reconstruction a multidisciplinary approach works best as the patient is able to consider breast reconstruction options from the point of diagnosis. Dr. Seify is committed to educating his patients and allowing them to understand breast reconstruction options early so that their decisions within the course of treatment are in line with their breast reconstruction goals. As new methods become available including fat transfer and stem cell breast reconstruction patients are best served when they are able to understand which procedures will help them to meet their breast reconstruction goals and how they will fit into their overall treatment following their breast cancer diagnosis. Dr. Seify approaches the breast cancer reconstruction phase with compassion and care understanding that the entire process from diagnosis to survival is a journey that is heavily dependent upon helping patients to remain positive concerning their projected outcome.

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