Breast Cancer Survival Rates Increase with Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Breast cancer survival rates are much better with healthy lifestyle choices a new study shows. According to recent online news story  healthy lifestyle — including eating a healthy diet, exercising and maintaining normal stable weight — can boost the odds of long-term cancer survival, especially for breast, colorectal or prostate cancer, according to new recommendations from the American Cancer Society. About one in 25 Americans is a cancer survivor. “Many ask, ‘How can I keep the cancer from coming back?’ ” said Colleen Doyle, the cancer society’s director of nutrition and physical activity. Breast cancer survivors often are given advice to assume healthy behaviors, including eating  a healthy diet including lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein; exercise including fitting  walking or other aerobic activity most every day of the week; and keeping weight within a normal range, Doyle said. Studies have shown that those steps can help prevent breast cancer, but there wasn’t much research showing that a healthy lifestyle could keep breast cancer from recurring, or could prevent breast cancer survivors from developing a new type of cancer, she said.

Breast Cancer Survival Rates Increase With Healthy Lifestyles

Breast cancer is among the handful of cancers with increased survival rates due to healthy lifestyle choices experts say. An analysis of recent scientific evidence allowed a panel of cancer experts to make the conclusion that such measures help ward off cancer’s return. Dr. Stephanie Bernik, chief of surgical oncology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, said the guidelines support what oncologists have told patients for years, and the American Cancer Society’s endorsement of that advice is an important step for public of acceptance and awareness.

Breast Cancer Patients Are Encouraged To Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Dr. Seify works closely with patients as a breast reconstruction plastic surgeon following the patient’s breast cancer diagnosis. Patients who are committed to healthy diet and exercise programs are likely to feel better, as well as benefit their overall recovery. Dr. Seify and his staff work closely with the team of radiologists, oncologist, and the general surgeon in order to create the best breast reconstruction treatment plan available for the patient. The team approach to breast cancer reconstruction is not only an effective way to facilitate a results oriented approach, it is also the best way to help patients achieve the best physician/ patient relationship. Dr. Seify reviews breast reconstruction procedures and options with the patient including Tram flap, tissue expanders, fat grafting and other methods designed to help patients restore as closely as possible the shape and contour of their own natural breast. Dr. Seify and his staff work individually with each patient to help patients reach their breast cancer treatment goals.

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