Breast Cancer Survivors Better with Exercise

The quality of life for breast cancer survivors is greatly impacted by the treatment plan chosen by the patient and treating physician. According to recent online article a study showed that survivors feel and look better when they engage in regular exercise activity.  The study is one of the first of its kind to focus specifically on breast cancer survivors will many others have shown positive effects from aerobic exercise including walking. Breast-cancer survivors often suffer from insomnia, weight gain, chronic fatigue, depression or anxiety as a result of breast cancer treatment. In the study 86 women who had completed cancer treatment attended either a weight training program or an excercise program without weights. The women in the weight training group were instructed how to perform nine routine weight-based exercises using free weights and resistance machines to work the muscles of their chest, back, shoulders, arms, Botox, hips and thighs. The study proved that upper body strength and muscles improved more than the lower part of the body. Since previous results have proven the benefits of aerobic exercising for breast cancer survivors researchers believe that adding strength training weight exercises can improve the quality of life even more. Researchers warn women diagnosed with breast cancer to only begin weight training and other exercises after careful instruction from a professional. Dr. Seify explains to his breast cancer patients that a breast cancer diagnosis does not have to mean giving up a healthy lifestyle and appearance. Dr. Seify helps patients understand that much of their decision concerning breast reconstruction begins with the initial breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan. Dr. Seify works closely with the treating physicians including oncologist, radiologist, and the general surgeon. The team of treating physicians will assist patients with post treatment care and advise patients of the recommended post treatment exercise plan.

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