Breast Cancer Survivors May Face Heart Failure

Breast CancerBreast cancer survivors may face new concerns over heart failure after treatment according to recent NBC news story. According to the report, researchers discovered a much higher rate of heart failure among breast cancer survivors than what was reported previously. It is believed that their discoveries are much more realistic in regards to the risk that women face. 12,000 women were included in the study and it was reported that they had a 20% risk of developing heart failure over only five years if they received a common chemotherapy regimen in comparison to just 3 1/2% of the breast cancer patients who did not receive chemo. “I think these drugs are critical to improving breast cancer survival,” said Erin Aiello Bowles of the Seattle-based Group Health Research Institute, who led the study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. “But these drugs are toxic. They are meant to target disease but they can often damage other parts of the body.” Clinical trials of breast cancer patients are created to find out if drugs can fight the disease and also to prove the safety of the drugs.

Breast Cancer Drugs and Side Effects

It has been shown that these drugs can damage the heart therefore increasing heart failure. In general the increase has been about 4% over 3 to 5 years for women who receive chemo. However clinical trials typically involve specific groups of patients who are otherwise healthy. It is believed that the drugs individually raise heart risks but combination increase the risk even greater. Researchers felt it was important to note that increasing rates were dependent upon age. They were significantly lower in younger women.

Breast Cancer Treatment at Newport Plastic Surgery

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