Breast Cancer – Three Sisters, One Devastating Diagnosis

Today told the touching story of three sisters. Brenda O Brien thought she’d gotten her family’s allotment of bad luck when her breast cancer roared back out of remission. But within a year both her younger sister Angel and her older sister Kathleen shared the same devastating news. They too had breast cancer.” As far as statistics go I thought OK, I can contend with it, I can deal with it and they won’t have to deal with it “Brenda O Brien told TODAY gesturing to her siblings. And then it was just horrific to then hear that Angel was diagnosed and then Kathy O Brien told TODAY‘s Amy Robach” That was very hard.”

Breast cancer three sisters lives changed

The women have the same breast cancer gene mutation which increases the exposure of developing the disease. And they have a family history of breast cancer .Their mother survived the disease when they were kids and it claimed the life of their maternal great grandmother. Only 5 to 7 percent of breast cancers are genetic and the actuality that all three sisters developed the disease at the same time makes their story even more extraordinary. Because most breast cancers are not indigenous it’s very uncommon for three sisters to have breast cancer at the same time.

Breast cancer and breast reconstruction

Dr. Seify is committed to helping patients understand that while a breast cancer diagnosis is a devastating experience, breast reconstruction offers hope for many patients. Breast reconstruction over the years continues to offer new techniques that are helping patients to achieve better more natural looking results. Dr Seify  uses the combination of his cosmetic surgery expertise combined with the skills necessary to perform reconstructive breast surgery. This combination of skills has allowed him to use some of the latest technology which includes fat transfer and inserting dermis layers which help strengthen the pocket where the implant is placed. For many patients this allows them to not only achieve a more aesthetically pleasing result but also increases the chances that the implant will not bottom out. Dr. Seify and his staff  focus on the patient experience and the fact that having survived breast cancer requires a great deal of the patient’s energy and strength. Dr Seify and his staff are committed to exceeding expectations of their patients. ___________________________________ Schedule your Consultation Today! More on Dr.Seify Become a Fan on Facebook Follow us on Twitter   

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