Breast Cancer| Treating Pregnant Women with Breast Cancer

Breast CancerBreast cancer diagnosis during pregnancy is challenging for both the mother and baby. According to a recent online article, pregnant women who need chemotherapy as part of their breast cancer treatment plan should not have to compromise the treatment or deliver their babies preterm according to a new study. The study which was published online August 15 in the Lancet Oncology, German researchers discovered that babies born to breast cancer patients who were given chemotherapy during the pregnancy were not found to be at increased risk for complications. They also discovered that the babies who did experience complications were premature whether they were exposed to chemotherapy are not. “Our findings emphasize the importance of prioritizing a full-term delivery in women who undergo chemotherapy while pregnant,” study leader Sibylle Loibl, of the German Breast Group, said in a journal news release.

Breast Cancer Treatment During Pregnancy

The study found that the health the newborn baby was strongly associated with the gestational age of the baby at the time of delivery. This is significant because many of the babies of women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer diagnosis were delivered preterm as a medical precaution. The study shows promise for treating patients with breast cancer while pregnant and that there may be no need to interrupt pregnancy or reduce the dosage of chemotherapy. Unfortunately breast cancer can affect the lives of women at different stages in their lives.

Breast Cancer Treatment and Reconstruction

Dr. Seify treats breast cancer patients who have chosen breast reconstruction at different stages of their breast cancer diagnosis. Pregnant women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer may have a different recommendation regarding breast reconstruction than other women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and are not pregnant. Dr. Seify encourages patients to remain well-informed concerning their breast reconstruction options. Breast cancer reconstruction is required by law to be covered under insurance policies and women may opt for breast reconstruction at any time following a breast cancer diagnosis. If for health or any other reason it is necessary to wait to consider breast reconstruction patients are still able to take advantage of breast reconstruction surgery as part of their covered insurance benefit. Dr. Seify is committed to providing patients with accurate information regarding their breast cancer diagnosis and options for breast reconstruction.


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