Breast Cancer|Cancer Revisited

Breast CancerBreast cancer like other cancers is beginning to be reviewed differently. Traditionally patients who were battling breast cancer and other cancers were instructed to screen on a regular basis and catch the cancer early. Then if an operation is possible they were instructed to remove a cancerous tumor. Then most would follow-up with chemotherapy and/or radiation in hopes of thwarting a return of the cancer. According to a recent article the standard treatment for breast cancer and other cancers is changing. According to the article primarily the treatment plan is the way it has always been however over the past couple of years there been new studies that indicate that the situation could be much more complex than we thought.

Breast Cancer Detection Methods Controversy

The studies could lead us to believe that the aggressive tactics taken routinely may not only be unnecessary but may also be harmful to us. The debate began most notably in 2009 when the recommendation from the Preventive Service Task Force was that women younger than 50 did not need to have mammograms. It claimed that the majority of suspicious tissue found during mammograms was ultimately determined to be benign. According to the researchers they claim that the biopsies required carry their own risk. They also added that some of the cancers that were found were on track to grow so slowly that over the lifetime of the patient they would never cause health problems. It claimed that women under 50 were less likely to have breast cancer than older women were also more prone to suffer harm due to unnecessary breast cancer treatment. While conflicting studies are easy to locate it is important that patients have a detailed discussion with their primary care physician to help them determine which test are necessary and the best time to have the test performed.

Breast Cancer Early Detection Should Be Considered Serious


Dr. Seify emphasizes to his patients that although there are conflicting reports on the value of mammograms currently routine screening on a regular basis still remains one of the most effective ways to diagnose breast cancer early. Dr. Seify explains to cosmetic surgery patients that they should remain diligent about breast health as part of their overall health. This includes patients who have had breast augmentation with breast implants, breast reduction, or breast lift. Dr. Seify will inform patients after the recovery period when it is okay for them to proceed with their breast cancer early detection screening.

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