Breast Education What Everyone Should Know

Breast Education What Everyone Should KnowBreast education is a subject that causes some to become uncomfortable or even embarrassed. According to recent online article there’s a lot of information concerning breast that patients do not understand says Florence Williams, a science journalist and author of the new book Breast a Natural and Unnatural History . “Breasts are living a life they’ve never lived before,” says Williams, in part because we’re living longer than our ancestors—but also because the environment we’re living in has changed, too.  Breasts are hypersensitive to hormone changes that can be triggered by exposure to toxic chemicals. William suggests that people avoid products that contain chemicals that mimic estrogen. She recommends avoiding BPA ,scented deodorant, and fragrance or “parfum”. Cup sizes are now bigger than they’ve ever been before with dimensions that include H and KK. It’s not just the sizes that are changing according to Williams but girls are beginning to develop earlier than ever before typically between 9 and 10 which is considered a major risk for breast cancer later in life according to University of North Carolina study. Many scientists believe the onset of early pubescence is the result of chemical exposure. Breast cancer is not just found in women. Although it is less common in men they are susceptible to the disease according to Williams. Dr. Seify expresses to patients who are considering breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift the importance of proactive breast health. This includes being aware of the risk of breast cancer and avoiding those substances and lifestyle choices that are linked to the disease. Patient should also be proactive concerning breast cancer screening including monthly breast self exams and routine screening mammograms as ordered by their primary care physician. Patients who are considering breast augmentation surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation to discover if breast augmentation is a desirable option for them.

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