Breast Health Tips Help Even Younger Women

Breast health is important  at every stage of life. The risk of breast cancer increases as women age. This does not mean that younger women should not be proactive about their breast health. A recent onlinewomensarticle reviewed important breast health tips for women. According to the article women should stay at a healthy weightBeing heavy can increase your risk of developing breast cancer and make you less likely to survive it, says Harold Freeman, M.D., president and founder of the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer and Prevention in New York City. Exercise should be part of every woman’s lifestyle for optimum breast health. Women should strive to exercise for 45 minutes to an hour five days a week. Regular exercise may help prevent the disease by raising immune function, preventing obesity, and reducing levels of estrogen and insulin while improving breast health.

Breast Health Tips Should Be A Lifestyle Choice

Breast health is affected by the choices women make.Women should reduce their consumption of alcohol. Research has shown that as few as two drinks per day could elevate breast cancer risk by 21 percent. The article suggests swapping wine for fresh grapes. Resveratrol, found in the skin of grapes, could possibly help lower estrogen levels, which in turn may reduce your risk.

Breast Health Should Be Discussed With Your Doctor

These are just a few of tips for younger and older women alike. While some argue that there is little that can be done for women who are predisposed to breast cancer most medical professionals believe that lifestyle plays a huge part in who actually contract the disease. Dr. Seify encourages breast surgery patients to be diligent concerning their breast health. This includes patients who have had breastaugmentation with breast implants, breastreduction patients, as well as breastlift patients. Along with healthy lifestyle tips there are also breast cancer screening guidelines that should be followed. These include monthly breast self-exams. Patients with breast implants should be sure to examine the breast tissue when feelings for lumps, and changes. Patients need to be careful not to mistake the valve of us a saline implant for an unusual lump. This becomes much easier when patients are consistent with their monthly breast self-exam and become more familiar with their own breast tissue. Patients who have had breast lift or breast reduction surgery need to be careful not to mistake scar tissue from the breast incisions for lumps in the breast tissue. This too becomes easier for patients who are familiar with their own breast tissue. Patients are encouraged to discuss any concerns or questions that they have with Dr. Seify concerning their breast health.

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