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Breast Implants Exchange Before and after photos

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Breast Implants Exchange Before and after photos

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Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available today for a host of very good reasons. The surgery is extremely safe, predictable in the right-hand, and will create visibly significant changes in a woman’s appearance virtually instantaneously. Most women who choose breast implants are overwhelmingly happy with the outcome due to increased self-confidence, self-confidence, and a more aesthetic and proportionate body shape, and more clothing options. Every year more and more women choose to undergo this surgery, many times after seeing enviable results in friends or relatives. One common belief of women who are contemplating breast augmentation is that after the breast implants are placed, that they are a permanent fixture. Although there clearly are women who have had the same breast implants for a few decades, most women will have their breast implants exchanged within the first ten to fifteen years following surgery for a variety of reasons. This implant exchange procedure is typically much easier and less invasive than the original surgical procedure, since the pocket for the breast implant exist already.

One of the more common reasons for implant removal and replacement is the woman’s choice to change the size of the implants. The majority of women opt for breast augmentation surgery are extremely content with their new size. Some women, however, choose later on to change their cup size. In such cases, these women choose to have their implants removed (ex-planted) and replaced with larger or smaller implants. Another reason women may choose to exchange their implants is because of the implant material. The most common implants ( “saline implants”) are made of a silicone shell filled with saline solution. These implants are an excellent choice for  most women, however, some patients are bothered that the implants may feel firmer or are less “natural” appearing than they would desire. Others may complain of “rippling” that can be seen and felt along the sides of the breasts. This can be improved substantially by changing the saline implants to silicone filled implants, which are typically softer and feel more natural than saline implants.  The cohesive gel silicone implant (sometimes referred to as a “gummy-bear implant”) is the new generation silicone breast implant. Cohesive gel implants have the feel of a liquid silicone implant, but if they rupture the silicone maintains its shape much like a gummy bear.

Breast Implants and Leaks

Both saline and silicone implants could experience leaks and ruptures of the outer shell, which is another instance that would necessitate an implant exchange. This is usually because of simple  “wear and tear” of the implant shell as time progresses. When a saline implant leaks, the outcome is a deflated appearing breast, which necessitates an implant replacement in order to resume a normal appearance. Although basically physically harmless, the emotional aspects of a saline deflation are usually worrisome  and embarrassing to the patient. Silicone implant ruptures are less obvious physically, but need to also be exchanged for the best emotional and physical results. Although an inevitable breast implant exchange should be included as a part of breast augmentation  consideration for surgery, the amount of trouble and expense is very small in relation to the total time that the implants are in place in most cases. Sometimes the reason for an exchange is totally elective were by choice (as in the case of a size change), but other times the exchange is less by choice (as in the case of a rupture). Regardless, the large majorities of women with breast implants are highly pleased and believe that the need for an occasional implant exchange is a minute price to pay for the expansive benefits of their breast augmentation. Manufacturer’s warranties and special promotions are available for breast implant exchange. Ask your patient coordinator if there are manufacturers promotions or warranties that are applicable for your specific situation. See more procedures and treatments by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach