Breast Implant Exchange

breast implantBreast implant exchange has been called a trend on and off in the media for the past two years. It is debatable whether it  is a trend however a growing number of women are beginning to realize the benefits. According to a  PhiladelphiaCBS news story ever-increasing numbers of older women have decided that the breast implant they chose when they were younger is too big as a choice for the lifestyle that they now have.

Breast Implant Exchange a Lifestyle Choice

Breast implant exchange is sometimes due to personal choice. According to the news story Hollywood is leading the trend. Sexy celebrities with voluptuous cleavage, big breasts, enhanced with breast implants, used to be a popular look. But, that look according to the news story, is not popular anymore.  An increasing number of stars are rumored to be downsizing, exchanging supersized for a more natural looking breast implant.

Breast Implant Exchange Not Just for Downsizing

Breast implant exchange is not only to change sizes.Since we are located in the heart of Orange County, what some have termed as the hotbed for plastic surgery, we can understand how the rest of the country has all eyes on our look and what we consider attractive. Although it may appear that downsizing is the issue for women with a breast implant, the more important issue is making the right decision when choosing a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation. It is important that the plastic surgeon discusses the benefit and limitation of the different  breast implant  options available including sizes, shapes, and textures. Dr. Seify not only reviews the look desired by prospective breastaugmentation patients but also helps them to understand their choices as a lifetime decision. He offers expert advice concerning proportion and breast implant sizing. He also helps patients understand long-term, the implications of their breast implant choices. This is not to say that patients will not one day choose to exchange their implants, but proper consultation and realistic expectations help to avoid breast implant exchange solely for the sake of dissatisfaction. Breast implant exchange is also popular because of long-term complications from older silicone implants that may be present in many patients. When exchanging older silicone breast implants Dr. Seify uses his cosmetic and reconstructive skill and experience to prepare a pocket free of old silicone debris before implanting the new breast implants. This is critical in order to help reduce the chance of capsular contracture (excessive scar tissue) surrounding the new implant. Prospective patients should be leery of a plastic surgeon that makes the operation appear routine and as simple as switching out old implants for the new implants. Prospective patients should be prepared in the event that a breastlift is necessary to achieve the best aesthetic result. Dr. Seify is committed to exceeding the expectations of his patients by thoroughly educating them prior to surgery.


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