Breast Implant Removal in Newport Beach, Orange County

Breast implants are a big decision, as is the decision to have them removed. Some women decide they just feel more comfortable removing their implants after hearing about BIA-ALCL, an illness associated with certain textured implants. People also go through many stages of life, and it is normal for women to have a change of heart in aesthetic preference as they go through those different stages. Just because you wanted a more busty appearance when you were 20 doesn’t mean you want to have that same appearance going into your thirties or forties.

If either of these concerns resonate, you can absolutely decide to undergo a breast implant removal surgery to reduce the increase in size initially achieved through breast augmentation and take precautions against BIA-ALCL. More than 33,764 patients chose to have their implants removed throughout 2019, according to a recent American Society of Plastic Surgeons report.

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What Is Breast Implant Removal Surgery and Why Do People Want Them?

Breast implant removal surgery (also referred to as breast explantation) is the procedure that is performed to remove saline or silicone implants that were inserted during a breast augmentation.

There are many reasons you would decide you longer desire the increased bust size that comes along with implants. Some women do not want to draw attention to a larger bust and may wish to avoid some of the unfair negative stereotypes that a large bust might signify.

Others may no longer want to worry about replacing the implants every 10 to 15 years. In this case, breast implant removal surgery provides them with a way to no longer worry about maintenance that comes with implants. And as we mentioned before, BIA-ALCL has made many women feel uncomfortable with having implants.

Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

The recent recall of Allergan’s textured implants made a significant number of patients feel uneasy about keeping their implants — specifically textured implants — in place.

Despite the FDA issuing a statement urging patients not to have their implants removed unless they are experiencing BIA-ALCL symptoms, many women still want to have their implants removed as a precautionary measure.

While it is entirely reasonable to avoid the possibility of developing BIA-ALCL, it is important to remember that only specific iterations of textured Allergan implants have been shown to correlate with the condition.

Am I a Strong Candidate for a Breast Implant Removal?

If you received a breast augmentation surgery and would no longer like to have the increased size achieved through the implants, or if you would prefer to take precautions against BIA-ALCL, then you are likely a candidate for breast implant removal.

Breast implant removal is a surgical operation, and, like every surgical operation, the best candidates are maintaining a normal and healthy weight, have realistic expectations about what breast implant removal can achieve, are near their ideal general health and do not smoke.

What Happens During a Breast Implant Removal?

The initial step in the breast implant removal process is scheduling a consultation with one of our physicians. During this consultation, Dr. Seify or Dr. Lashin will examine your unique condition, review your medical history and discuss your breast implant removal goals.

Together, the pair of you will develop a treatment plan that is best suited to meeting your aesthetic goals. In the time leading to your procedure, you will be given a set of pre-operative instructions. You should follow those instructions as closely as you can to ensure the safest and most effective procedure possible.

On the morning of your surgery, the first step will be the administration of IV sedation or general anesthesia to ensure your comfort through the surgery. The type of anesthesia you are given will be decided by you and your physician ahead of time.

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, your physician will make an incision along the lower fold of your breast or around the areola. Through this incision, the breast implant and the capsule of scar tissue surrounding the implant are removed. Your incisions are then closed using sutures or skin adhesives.

What is En bloc Capsulectomy?

En Bloc capsulectomy is a term used to remove the implant and the capsule in one bloc to guarantee removal of all parts. Technically it is a total capsulectomy. Removal requires an accurate surgical technique to avoid injury to the blood supply of the nipple or to the chest wall. The surgeon has to use his judgement to make sure certain area are safe to remove over the chest wall in a thin patient.

What is breast implant illness: (BII)

Breast implant illness is a relatively new diagnosis including multiple symptoms that patient with breast implants could have. Fatigue, hair loss, n Breast Implant Illness (BII) is a term used by women who have breast implants and who self- identify and describe a variety of symptoms including (but not limited to) fatigue, chest pain, hair loss, headaches, chills, photosensitivity, chronic pain, rash, body odor, anxiety, brain fog, sleep disturbance, and depression. Some patient report improvement in these symptoms when the implant and the capsule and the capsule are removed. However, removal does not guarantee reversal of these symptoms as many factors are involved.

Can I Combine My Implant Removal with Other Procedures?

After removing your breast implants, you are likely to experience some tissue sagging from the volume loss. Luckily, you have at least four different options that can be performed in tandem with the removal to address this side effect.

Implant Replacement

If you would like to downsize the implant you currently have for a more conservative size increase, then an implant replacement might be the right option for you. An implant replacement will need to be done every 10 to 15 years anyway since most implants are only expected to last this long. Many women who are concerned about BIA-ALCL decide to swap out their textured implants for a different option that has not been shown to have a correlation with this disease.

Breast Lift

If you do not want to have any implant any longer, a breast lift is a great way to address the excess skin and tissue you will have after having an augmentation. Your physician will excise the extra skin and create a youthful, perky chest appearance.

Implant Replacement and Breast Lift

If you are going down to a significantly smaller breast implant, you are likely going to still experience some tissue sagging. In this case, you may consider performing a breast lift alongside the implant replacement (often called a breast implant exchange).

Fat Transfer

If you are not interested in the drastic changes that come with breast implants any longer, you can instead choose to augment your breast size with a fat transfer procedure. In this approach, your fat is harvested through liposuction and used to boost your breasts’ volume more subtly. Because you are using fat that was harvested from your own body, there are fewer risks associated with this method.

What Should I Expect from Breast Implant Removal Recovery?

Just like breast augmentation, breast implant removal is a surgical procedure that will require some recovery and downtime. After your surgeon has completed the procedure, you will be given a set of post-operative instructions to follow to help ensure that you have the best recovery and results possible.

You will need to arrange someone to drive you home and help you tend to small tasks in the first 24 hours after the surgery.

During the first week of recovery, you can expect to experience mild to moderate pain and discomfort. However, your surgeon can provide over-the-counter and prescription medication to help mitigate these symptoms and keep you comfortable.

For the first few weeks, we recommend avoiding any intense activities and allowing yourself ample amounts of time to rest. Your surgeon will clear you to resume activities like exercise once your body has hit a particular stage of healing.

In most cases, you can anticipate a full recovery within four weeks of the procedure.

What Kind of Results Can a Breast Implant Removal Provide?

You can expect to see a substantial reduction in the size of their breast size. If a lift is performed, you will also enjoy the added benefit of having taut breast tissue despite the smaller size. Plus, you can finally rest without worrying about the possibility of developing BIA-ALCL or other complications that can arise from breast augmentation surgery. Your specific results are dependent on the exact procedures and conditions of your breast implant removal.

Achieve Your New Ideal Figure with Breast Implant Removal in Newport Beach

There is nothing to feel bad about if you ultimately decide breast implants are not for you. Whether you are concerned with possible health issues or simply do not like the aesthetic your current implants provide anymore, you are entitled to being in control of your body. If you would schedule a breast explantation consultation, give Newport Plastic Surgery a call at 949-431-2086 or fill out our online contact form. Our office looks forward to helping you achieve your new aesthetic goals!

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