Breast Implants ¦ Do You Have PIP Implants?

breast implantsBreast implants are the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the US. Most patients who have breast augmentation rarely remember the name of the type of breast implants that they have. This is especially true if they have had their breast implants for quite some time. Recently, within our blog post we have covered the international PIP breast implant scandal. The now bankrupt company; PIP manufactured an implant that was filled with industrial grade silicone instead of medical grade silicone. The outer shells were made of substandard material as well, and in a very short time the breast implants leaked the dangerous industrial grade silicone into the breast pocket after the breast implants ruptured. This caused alarm in many patients and medical professionals globally advised women to have the implants removed.

Breast Implants That Are Faulty

The faulty silicone breast implants were never approved by the FDA and therefore were not believed to have been sold within the United States. Although, plenty of patients left the United States to have breast augmentation surgery without the knowledge that a PIP breast implant would be used. There are also patients within the United States who have PIP saline implants.  These breast implants are considered by plastic surgeons to be incredibly inferior to the FDA approved breast implants on the market. Although the saline solution is not suspected to be an issue, the outer casing is extremely volatile and it is reported that even the slightest movement can cause the breast implant to deflate.

Breast Implants  Replaced

  Dr. Seify explains to his patients that breast implant exchange is a relatively simple procedure for the patient. Most patients do not experience much pain and discomfort and are pleasantly surprised how quickly they recover in comparison to their initial surgery. A breast augmentation and breast lift can be combined if the patient has developed a sagging component to the breast after her initial breast augmentation. For patients who have PIP implants there is an incentive provided by Mentor Corporation to assist women in replacing their PIP implants. The Mentor Compassionate Care Program offers a $250 American Express®* Gift Card to patients who replace PIPSaline or Gel Breast Implants with MENTOR® Saline or Gel Breast Implants. This program is valid from January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012, and may be subject to program limits. Patients are encouraged to call Dr. Seify’s office to determine if they qualify for the special incentive.    

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