Breast Implants, Stem Cell, and Fat Transfer

Cosmetic surgery and stem cell and fat transfer procedures have gotten a lot of publicity over the past two years. Mainly alternatives for breast augmentation using breast implants have been the most popular topics. There been major advancements out of Japan that have reported an online article explaining the innovations as being the next step in breast implant surgery. The innovation is known as stem cell implants. According to the article, the method claims to combine both stem cells and fat cells that come from the woman’s own body Japanese surgeon Kotaro Yoshimura added stem cells to the traditional fat transfer that was being used for breast augmentation. The article claims that this was a formula for success because when stem cells were combined with fat and then added to the breast the cells were now able to support the new growth of natural fat and tissue cells. The results would be not only a larger bust size but also and more natural look and feel. The article also claims that breast implants could be perceived as too perfect whereas this method allows for a more natural, smoother, and less predictable shape when compared to traditional breast implants. According to the article this method has been extremely popular in Japan and also well-received in Germany. There are yet to be long-term studies that will conclusively speak to the safety of stem cell breast implants. It is important to note that the article did not provide information as to the average size a woman can achieve using stem cell breast implants. Dr. Seify is involved in clinical trials that are exploring the benefits of stem cell and fat transfer methods as they relate to breast reconstruction surgery which in turn benefits breast augmentation procedures as well. Dr. Seify point out to patients that when choosing new procedures that do not have a lengthy track record of success patients must be realistic concerning their expectations. When exploring alternatives to breast augmentation without using breast implants; patients must be careful to examine the true differences between the two procedures and the expected results. Dr. Seify encourages patients who are considering breast augmentation to schedule a consultation to determine if the procedure is right for them.

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