Breast Implants That Could Deter Breast Cancer

breast implantsBreast implants improvements are regularly in development. A new and exciting breast implant is currently under study. According to a recent industry article researchers at Brown University have created  breast implants that seem to deter breast cancer cell regrowth. The breast implants are made from federally approved polymer material, the breast implants are the first to be reengineered at the nanoscale in a specific way that would cause a reduction in the blood vessel structure, that makes up breast cancer tumors and that they depend upon, while in the meantime encouraging healthy breast cells. Results are published in Nanotechnology.

Breast Implants Under Study

One in eight women in the United States (one in seven in Orange County) will develop breast cancer. Of those, many will have surgery to remove the tumor and will require some degree of breastreconstruction afterwards, many times involving breast implants. Cancer is an ever moving target, though, and malignant cells come back for as many as one-fifth of women originally diagnosed, according to the American Cancer Society.   The hope is that these breast implants may prevent a relapse of the breast cancer when used in breast cancer reconstruction.  More study will have to be done before these breast implants will be made available. The mere fact that these breast implants have been created and appear to have some success is extremely promising.

Breast Implants and the Options for Reconstruction

Breast implant options for reconstructive surgery continue to improve. Dr. Seify reiterates to his patients that it is a good idea to remain aware of new products and methods as they relate to breast cancer diagnosis and recovery. Patients should be mindful of the fact that most new products and methods when first announced are in the clinical study phase and may not be available at the time of their breast cancer diagnosis or breast reconstruction decision. Dr. Seify encourages all patients to be proactive about their breast health. Following the recommendations of your primary care physician for mammograms is recommended for all breast surgery patients including cosmetic breast augmentation, breastlift, and breastreduction. Patients are also advised to perform monthly breast self-exams which help patients to become familiar with their breast tissue and what feels normal for them. Most medical professionals agree that women who find breast lumps usually find them on their own rather than their physician finding them during their annual medical visit. Dr. Seify also advises his breastaugmentation patients to have their breast implants checked by him on an annual basis.

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