Breast Implants | FDA explains Anaplastic Large Call Lymphoma

Breast implants remain one of the most studied and researched medical devices. It is important that patients understand the risk and concerns surrounding the FDA silicone cohesive gel breast implants. According to a recent industry article patients should understand there is a slight risk that could be associated with silicone cohesive gel breast implants .The FDA requires full disclosure to patients. The Food and Drug Administration recently informed consumers to an Association between Anaplastic Large Call Lymphoma, a form of cancer known as ALCL and breast implants. The occurrence of this condition is extremely rare; it is said that factually a woman has a better chance of being struck by lightning than developing ALCL.

Breast Implants and the Risks

This is not breast cancer, but a very rare condition involving the shell of the implant itself. According to the FDA Report, “with an estimated five to 10 million breast implant recipients worldwide, agency experts say the known ALCL cases are too few to say conclusively that breast implants cause the disease. FDA believes there are about 60 of these ALCL cases worldwide, though that number is difficult to verify.” Should a woman with implants panic? If you have no symptoms, the FDA does not recommend doing anything. Women should continue monitoring their implants and obtaining regular annual breast screening evaluations. The FDA does not recommend removing the implants.

Breast Implants and Lifetime Maintenance

Dr. Seify advises breast augmentation patients that annual breast screening evaluations are recommended for all patients who have breast implants. This includes those who have breast lift combined with breast augmentation as well. Patients are also reminded that they should be performing monthly breast self-examination as well as annual mammograms after the age of 40. Dr. Seify’s patients are encouraged to return for annual screenings of  breast implants at no additional cost to the patient. Dr. Seify offers this  service to his patients as a testament to his commitment to excellent breast health for all of his patients.

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