Breast Lift or Not?

breast liftBreast augmentation is the number one cosmetic procedure performed in United States. For most patients the breast augmentation procedure includes either silicone or saline implant and a breast lift may be recommended. Typically, the reason a breast lift is recommended is because there is a component of sagging to the breast. The source of the sagging could range from weight fluctuation, a large amount of breast tissue stretching the skin over time, pregnancy, or it could be unknown. Dr. Seify consults with patients who are considering breast augmentation and during the course of the consultation will take measurements to determine if a breast lift will be the best recommendation.

Breast Lift Recommendation

During the measuring process one of the indications he is looking for is the measurable distance from the nipple areola complex to the clavicle bone. When this distance is exceptionally long a breast lift could be needed to centrally locate the nipple areola complex, which in turn will allow the breast implants to look more aesthetically pleasing. For some patients, the existing breast tissue has fallen well below the natural crease or fold. This is the natural area underneath the breast. In some cases the patient can actually place their hands beneath the breast tissue and lift it up. A breast lift will allow the patient to have the breast tissue and skin completely above the breast fold which will provide a much more youthful and aesthetically pleasing result. Most patients will choose to add a small implant which will create a firmness and defined cleavage. In most cases Dr. Seify can perform these procedures together allowing the patient one recovery period.

Breast Lift Recommendations Can Vary

Dr. Seify will explain to the patient the different types of breast lifts and make a recommendation primarily based upon the degree of sagging to the breast. Patients should not be afraid of scarring based on the incisions needed to perform the breast lift. Overwhelmingly, patient report satisfaction with the decision to have a breast lift and realize had they not chosen a breast lift and only chose implants they were likely to be displeased with the results. Breast implants do not lift breast tissue and the breast implants are positioned at the breast fold. If the breast tissue remains low, the breast tissue would fall below the implants. This is known as the double bubble look. Needless to say, this look is unacceptable and unattractive. Dr. Seify explains that all scars heal with time and that it is not in the patient’s best interest the sacrifice an amazing long-term results because of the fear of scarring. Dr. Seify offers a wide range of before and after photos for patients to view breast lift results.


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