Breast Lift Plastic Surgery (Mastopexy) Candidates

Breast Lift Plastic Surgery (Mastopexy) Candidates | Newport BeachFor women who are unhappy with the appearance of sagging breasts and nipples pointing downwards, breast lift offers an excellent cosmetic surgery solution. Moms who want to regain their pre-pregnancy breast appearance can particularly benefit from breast lift, which may be performed individually or as a part of a mommy makeover.

Dr. Hisham Seify is a board certified plastic surgeon providing breast lift and several other cosmetic procedures for the breast, body and face. At the time of initial consultation, Dr. Seify will determine whether a woman is a suitable candidate for breast lift. Patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and surrounding locations have an opportunity to receive breast lift from Dr. Seify.



Breast volume loss may occur due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging factors or major weight loss. This can cause the breast skin to become substantially loose, leading to heavily drooping breasts. Mastopexy, commonly known as breast lift plastic surgery, is an ideal solution for such women who want to restore firmer, perkier and younger looking breasts. However, the procedure may not be suited for some women who do not meet the criteria for candidacy.

A good candidate will be a woman who enjoys good general health, is a non-smoker or willing to quit smoking for several weeks, and has a clear desire to restore more youthful looking breasts. She should have realistic expectations and should be prepared to follow the surgeon’s instructions through every stage. Breast lift can be performed on any breast size, but women with smaller breasts stand to gain the most.

Additional general considerations for a breast lift candidate include:

  • She should be over the age of 18
  • She should have the physical strength and the emotional stability to sustain an altered breast appearance
  • She should not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • She should not have any near-future plans of pregnancy

Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Seify receives patients from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and nearby areas for breast lift.


Candidacy after Pregnancy

Breasts may tend to droop following pregnancy and breastfeeding due to stretched breast skin. Many women consider mastopexy after they have attained motherhood. The surgeon may advise a woman to wait for breast lift until after she has finished having children.

Although breast lift will not hinder a future pregnancy, it could cause the skin to stretch further and affect the results of breast lift. Women who have no future plans for another pregnancy are more likely to enjoy the breast lift benefits for a long period of time.


Candidacy after Major Weight Loss

While a significant weight loss will have a positive influence on a woman’s health and cosmetic appearance, it can create excessive skin laxity in certain areas of the body, including the breasts. This could result in sagging breasts.

Therefore, once the woman has attained her weight loss goals, she may choose breast lift surgery after the body weight has stabilized. A breast lift is often performed in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery, but it is not a substitute for breast implants.


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