Breast Lift Plastic Surgery (Mastopexy) Procedure Steps

Breast Lift Plastic Surgery (Mastopexy) Procedure Steps |Newport BeachMastopexy, commonly known as breast lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at tightening and lifting sagging breasts to make them appear firmer and more youthful. The degree of correction of skin laxity may vary from one patient to another, but the steps in the procedure largely remain unchanged.

The procedure may be completed in about one to two hours, depending on the surgical technique and the extent of surgery involved. Dr. Hisham Seify is a board certified plastic surgeon providing breast lift and other cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Seify provides these procedures to patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and surrounding locations.



After the patient is moved to the surgery room, the first step in the procedure will be administered general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation. The type of anesthesia will be pre-determined during surgical planning.

The patient will remain in deep sleep throughout the plastic surgery procedure. The anesthesiologist or certified anesthetist nurse would usually be present in the operating room until the end of the procedure for monitoring the patient.


Incision Placement

Once the anesthesia is administered, the surgeon will proceed to make the incisions in targeted locations as pre-determined during the surgical planning. The size and location of incisions will be as discreet as possible to minimize the appearance of subsequent scarring. In breast lift, the surgeon may choose to place the incisions in the natural breast folds to keep scars inconspicuous.


Lifting the Breast Tissue

Through the incisions, the surgeon will trim away the loose breast skin. The underlying breast tissue will be gently lifted and reshaped to create an elevated position of the breasts. In case of oversized areolas, the excess tissue from the area may be removed to reshape the areolas. The areolas and nipples may also be repositioned to match with the new youthful level of the breasts.

Following the lifting and reshaping of the breast tissue, the surgeon will re-drape the overlying breast skin tightly and firmly. A portion of the tissue that was above the nipples may be brought down to the lower breast area. Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Seify receives patients from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and nearby areas for breast lift.


Incision Closure

Multiple sutures extending into the deeper breast tissue will be placed to ensure that the new, raised breast shape and position is maintained firmly. In case of traditional sutures, the surgeon will remove them in a week or 10 days. Absorbable sutures, if used, will automatically dissolve over a few days. The incision area will be covered with bandages once the surgery is completed.


Surgical Bra

Following the surgery, the patient will be fitted with a special surgical bra to support healing and to help retain the new breast position and shape. This bra should be worn all the time for several days. It will provide extra compression to help prevent the incisions from opening up. The surgical bra may be replaced after some time with another sports bra without underwire.

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