Breast Lift Plastic Surgery (Mastopexy) Recovery

Breast Lift Plastic Surgery (Mastopexy) Recovery | Newport BeachRecovery is an important component of the breast lift cosmetic surgery process. Patients who are well-informed about the recovery will be better placed to prepare for it and have a safer and more comfortable recovery. The breast surgeon will explain all about the recovery during the pre-operative consultation.

Estimated recovery period and related information is particularly important for working women and busy moms who should make a well-considered decision. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify provides breast lift to patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and surrounding locations.


First Two Weeks

While most women will be able to return to their normal routine or go back to work in about a week or 10 days following breast lift plastic surgery, the overall recovery will take longer. Bruising will disappear by the end of second week, but mild swelling can last for several more weeks. In the first few days, the patient may take prescribed pain medications to stay comfortable.

She should avoid sleeping on her stomach in the first two weeks as far as possible. Sutures may be removed at the end of the first week, after which she can take a full bath. The surgeon will advise her to wear a special surgical bra full-time for several days. Thereafter, it will be replaced by a sports bra. In about a week to 10 days, the drain tubes will be removed along with sutures.

Strenuous exercises, heavy lifting of weights, bending over, and performing vigorous activities must be avoided for at least two to three weeks to minimize pressure on the chest wall. Dr. Seify is an experienced cosmetic surgeon receiving patients from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and nearby areas for breast lift.


First Few Months

Breast lift results will continue to establish over a few months as the swelling resolves completely. The patient should avoid wearing an underwire bra for the first few months. Altered skin sensation or numbness in the nipple area may occur after the surgery, which usually dissipates in about two to three months.

A burning or tingling sensation in the treated areas may be felt by some women during recovery as the nerves begin resuming their normal function. The patient should avoid lifting anything over her head for at least one month after the surgery. Patients diligently following the surgeon’s instructions will usually have a faster and better recovery.



Some amount of scarring is inevitable in breast lift. The scar will be more conspicuous in the first few months when it may appear red and lumpy. However, it will progressively fade into a thin white line. Scars will not vanish completed, but their appearance can be mitigated with the application of silicone sheeting and cortisone cream.

The patient should take care to visit the surgeon’s office as per her scheduled post-operative appointments. This will allow the surgeon to monitor progress and advise any interventions in a timely manner as necessary. The woman should also follow a balanced diet and exercise regimen in the long run to maintain and prolong the benefits of breast lift surgery.


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