Breast Lift Plastic Surgery (Mastopexy) Results

Breast liftBreast Lift Patient cosmetic surgery procedure can produce fairly dramatic results, whether performed independently or in conjunction with breast implants. A woman can expect to achieve more sensuous breast contours due to a subtle elevation of sagging breasts. With a perkier and more youthful breast projection, a woman will usually emerge from this surgery looking younger and more attractive.

Breast lift results should not be confused with those of breast augmentation or reduction. The goal of this surgery is to tighten the loose breast skin and create a more flattering breast position. Dr. Hisham Seify is a board certified plastic surgeon providing breast lift to patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and surrounding locations.


Correction of Drooping Breasts

Loss of breast volume and stretched skin can cause drooping breasts and nipples pointing downwards. Breast lift surgery can remove the excess skin and lift the inner breast tissue to enhance the breast position and shape. It can also result in an improved symmetry between the breasts. When combined with implants, the results of breast lift plastic surgery can be even more dramatic.


Restoring Youthful Looking Breasts

Droopy look of the breasts that occurs with aging can be further exacerbated due to breastfeeding or a major weight loss. Breast lift surgery can restore the youthful breast appearance by making them rest high on the chest and creating a firmer and perkier shape. The procedure may also involve repositioning of the nipples to a raised level. Following the establishment of full breast lift results, many women will feel that their figure appears younger by several years.


More Clothing Options 

As the bust line becomes more defined with breast lift, the woman will have a wider choice of well-fitting clothes. The procedure will create a firm and shapely breast appearance, which will allow the woman to wear bras and clothing that are more body hugging. She may also be able to wear new styles and cuts with greater confidence. Shopping for clothes becomes much easier and more pleasurable for many women after this surgery.


Higher Self-Esteem

The overall self-esteem and confidence of a woman can be adversely impacted due to sagging breasts. With younger looking breasts due to breast lift, she can regain a higher self-esteem and improved confidence level in order to enhance her overall quality of life. She may feel more involved and happy in her intimate relationships. She may also feel more inclined to go to the beach, enjoy out at the pool, or indulge in other physical activities of her choice.


Improved Health and Comfort

Although breast lift is primarily an aesthetic procedure, but the treatment can also enhance physical well-being and reduce discomfort. Heavily drooping breasts can cause severe chaffing under the breast crease. In a few cases, sagging breasts are also a cause of back and neck tension. Breast lift may result in incidental gains for the patient’s overall health and comfort levels.

Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Seify receives patients from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and nearby areas for breast lift and various other procedures.

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