Breast Reconstruction a Woman’s Decision

Breast reconstruction is truly an individual choice for every patient. A recent Northern California article told the story of the few brave women who chose breast reconstruction after their breast cancer diagnosis. A decade ago, women who were having mastectomies had few choices. But in recent years, the roster of options has grown substantially, from tissue transplantation to varying shapes and sizes of implants. Survivors who write about their experiences on breast cancer websites and post their reconstructions on YouTube are pushing the bar for new treatments.

Breast Reconstruction Options Improve As Patients Demand More Choices

Breast reconstruction options are  better now than ever before. Women are turning beyond the medical world for assistance. Many are selecting tattoo artists for help with their reconstruction, having their areolas – often taken off during mastectomies – inked in three dimensional shades to provide a more realistic appearance “Women are no longer passive. They are demanding better work and with better technology they are getting it.” said Elizabeth Vivenzio, a breast cancer survivor who created temporary 3-D areola tattoos for women to experiment with as they go through reconstruction. “They want to look as good as they can. … It’s all part of the healing process.”  Many women do not have reconstruction. Some embrace their scars, viewing them as symbols of what they survived. Those who do choose reconstruction say it is often a traumatic part of the breast cancer journey.

Breast Reconstruction Does Not Have To Be A Terrible Experience

Breast reconstruction is a long process and brings on a roller coaster of emotions for the patients. Dr. Seify empathizes with his patients and is keenly aware of the added stress and fear that can come with the choice to have breastreconstruction. Dr. Seify is committed to improving not only the options available for breast reconstruction but also the access to information for breast cancer patients who may want to consider breast reconstruction. It is important that breast cancer patients are given the proper breast reconstruction options at the time of their diagnosis. Currently in many situations this is not done. Some women do not choose breast reconstruction because of their lack of understanding the process. Dr. Seify and his staff help their patients understand not only the process but also alternative and recommendations that best fit their situation. As a reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Siefy is also committed to educating his breast surgery patients who have had breastsurgeryrevision, breastaugmentation, breastreduction, and breastlift, that a proactive approach to breast health is the best way to ensure healthy breast for a lifetime.


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